Restaurant and Bar Buyers

Your Funding and/or Investors are in Place now it’s time to find a space

We are looking forward to assisting you find a great space for your new business. In order for us to disclose any information about the specifics of our listings we will need to get a Confidential Disclosure Agreement in Place (see below for more information on our CDA)

Here are the questions we will be asking to help find the perfect spot for you:

  • Are you looking for and existing business showing a solid Existing Cash Flow or Are you looking for a solid asset package to bring your own concept to.
  • What is your ideal location/neighborhood?
  • Is your concept quick casual or table service, how many seats?
  • What square footage would be perfect for you?
  • Ideal price range for business? (not including operating costs)
  • Are there any business amenities that will be a necessity to you? What kitchen Equipment is a must?
  • Would you like Lottery?

Confidential Disclosure Agreement

All of the Marlin Group restaurants and bars that are for sale or lease are being offered on a confidential basis. It is critically important for the Seller, and usually the Buyer, that the business continues to operate consistently throughout the sale process.

The Marlin Group will only release detailed confidential information about our offerings to those Buyer prospects that have signed and provided us with a Confidential Disclosure Agreement. The Marlin Group will pre-qualify each Buyer prospect and then release the appropriate information.

To print out the Marlin Group Confidential Disclosure Agreement please click below and then select print form. Click Here to open the Marlin Group Confidentiality Agreement.

Please fax completed Confidentiality Agreement to: 503-241-2314 or email to

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