Come to the Northwest, where business is booming

Oregon was settled in 1810 thanks to a perfect climate and ideal weather conditions for agriculture. The fertile Willamette Valley became a final stop on the Oregon Trail for many, bringing diverse peoples and cultures together as one.

This melting pot culture permeates Oregon even today, making it a fantastic place to open any restaurant or bar. A vibrant food cart scene has expanded palettes, creating a city of bold eaters, unafraid of new experiences while remaining hungry for original takes on classic fodder.

As the nation’s second largest producer of hops, the state’s bar scene has exploded. Everything from dives to upscale gastro pubs and themed businesses have found success here. An abundance of local breweries mean the selection is excellent, fresh, and priced to sell. Many bars create working relationships with multiple breweries, often partnering to create their own unique brew that can’t be bought anywhere else.

While neighboring California has been considered a taste maker for decades with thriving restaurant and bar scenes in major cities including Los Angeles and Hollywood, tastes are rapidly changing.

With 80% of the state’s water going towards agricultural purposes, the industries that affect what Californian restaurateurs serve their customers are being heavily affected by the drought. With cutbacks occurring across every sector, both organic dairies and beer producers are being hit hard. In an industry where local sells and taste is everything, reliance on outside importation of necessary goods mean increased cost and a reduced bottom line.

Oregon is home to 1,898 farms that market directly to retailers. Restaurant owners have abundant opportunities to purchase fresh affordable produce and meat. This makes Oregon a great place to easily acquire high quality ingredients year round.

California isn’t just losing out on quality ingredients; the state is losing customers too. Recent census reports more California citizens moving out than moving in. That’s bad for business no matter how you look at it.

Meanwhile, Oregon was Forbes number 1 state for population growth in 2014, with 61% more people moving in than out. That increase in customer base isn’t expected to slow down any time soon. Already on the cutting edge of water conservation, Oregon State is working to ensure it remains gorgeous and green well into the future.

Follow a wagon trail of success, let the Marlin Group help you open up your new bar or restaurant in Oregon State.