Oregon: Not your average state of being

Oregon didn’t get a reputation for being different on accident. Through citizen and governmental work, it has become home to one of the greenest cities in America, Portland, OR. Utilizing 20 percent more renewable energy than average, Portland’s launched countless green initiatives in order to cut down on emissions, protect storm water, and much more. Oregonians know that protecting the environment means protecting one of their state’s greatest assets, its land.

With mild temperature extremes and wet weather, it’s perfect for growing crops, but that’s not all. Oregon is home to some of the most beautiful places on earth. The Pacific Coastal Highway stretches the width of Oregon, and is widely recognized as one of America’s most scenic drives. From sleepy seaside towns next to flat foggy beaches to towering rock spires jutting from the shoreline like ancient monoliths, beauty awaits around every corner. With so much to see, there’s little wonder why Oregon is an outdoor lovers paradise.

Mt. Hood has a long winter season, extending from December all the way into May thanks to increasing snowfall. Snow bunnies and new comers alike enjoy a wide array of runs that service every skill level. The fun doesn’t end when the sun comes out though. The 70MPH winds produced by the Columbia River Gorge make Hood River one of the world’s best places to windsurf.

Though Oregon’s natural beauty is astounding, places like the International Rose Test Museum in Portland have received critical acclaim. This gorgeous garden is home to dozens of rose species planted over 4.5 acres, and free to visit year round. Visitors interested in mans achievements over nature can visit the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. Home to such recognizable planes as the Spruce Goose, it pairs learning with fun as museum visitors enjoy a discount at the neighboring water park.

Without so much opportunity, Oregon wouldn’t enjoy such a surplus of leisure and cultural activities. This is because Oregon has been expanding from a state primarily funded by agriculture to a state that’s making its name in the technology sector. The Silicon Forest covers much of Oregon’s northeastern territory, including technological giants like Intel, Xerox, and HP.

With robust industry, breath-taking natural beauty, and a green culture that extends to the very heart of its incredible national forests-whoever you are, whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Oregon.